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My Dedication


I am dedicated to teach my students the art of playing piano and to instill upon them a life-long appreciation and love of music.  I use a creative teaching style to establish basic and necessary fundamentals, with a large emphasis on technique and expression from the beginning. Pianists should be able to play effortlessly without  physical limitations, and I will work to the best of my ability to make this happen. My responsibility is to instill excellent practice habits while promoting the enjoyment of making music.


It is crucial to develop the ear from the beginning by using rote-teaching and ear-training exercises.  Listening to Suzuki recordings will also aid in this development.  Music-reading can begin once I feel that the ear is well-trained.  According to the Suzuki philosophy, music is a language- just as in our native language, we learned to speak through listening, and then we learned how to read.

Parents' Role


Parents have a major role in the student’s learning.  I believe that they should learn along with their children so that they can help them practice at home.  For parents and teacher, constant motivation, encouragement, and praise are important.


Each student has an individual pace of learning.  I believe that ‘process’ is more important than ‘product’. The proper technique and meaning of each piece of music should be understood and accomplished before moving onto new music.  As students progress with this discipline, they will gain more independence and creativity as pianists and in other aspects of life.



Performance is important because it not only gives students a sense of great pride and achievement, but it also lets them express their music to other people. I provide my students plenty of performing opportunities in both formal and casual settings.


My aim is for students to develop a passion for music-making and also be well-rounded individuals.  As the great musician and philosopher Shinichi Suzuki said, “When love is deep, much can be accomplished.”

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